Why are dreams taboo in Fiction?

The light in my dream reminded me of Cornwall…


When I came back from Lyonnesse
With magic in my eyes,
All marked with mute surmise
My radiance rare and fathomless,
When I came back from Lyonnesse
With magic in my eyes!

–       Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

from ‘When I Set Out for Lyonnesse’

(Lyonesse is a land from Arthurian Legend)


Literary Editors say: ‘have a dream, lose a reader’.

Maybe. maybe not.

I don’t quote poetry in my fiction, unless it drops from the mouth of a character.

I do sometimes describe a character’s dream, though it’s considered a cardinal sin.

The poem fragment above will not appear anywhere in my novel.

But the dream imagery which inspired my search for this verse

will certainly end up on the page.

The irony is that my story is set in the Australian outback.

But if, having seen it, you can’t write about the Cornish light, you can’t write about light anywhere.

It’s all about memory.

Like remembering a dream.

Like a character remembering a dream.

In a story.