Characters & Letter Writing

LettersSome of my characters have never used the internet.  They write in longhand, telling their stories in long-winded, ink-smudged letters.

Such letters add immeasurably to any author’s ability to flesh out characters.

This has inspired me to rekindle my own lapsed correspondence with elderly relatives. They too tell wonderful stories on special stationary in beautiful, if shaky, copperplate handwriting.

I’m grateful to the fictional personalities I’ve come to know and love this year, for reacquainting me, not only with my family elders and the new stories they’ve shared with me, but for restoring the gentile art of letter writing to my twenty first century lifestyle.

These hand written letters now live in a special box tied with satin ribbons, to be handed on to a generation who have never known such pleasures.

May 2013 be a year of gentle rediscovery for us all.