S. K. Riley is a beached mermaid with Australian indigenous roots, writing from a whale songline north of Sydney.  She is a featured author of Seven Sisters Press, Australia, an imprint of Soul Wings® Press.

Since she hasn’t told us exactly what this blog is about – other than to describe it as ‘a Writer’s World’ – we’re hoping this blog will be progress report on the novel she is writing.

But, since she’s a mermaid, it might also be a place where the creative imagination of the writer attempts to circumvent the established rules of writing long-form fiction.

We’ll have to wait and see…


Contact S. K. Riley at Seven Sisters Press.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi S. K. Riley, I do thank you for selecting follow over at OMBH… I’m wondering… do you edit not so well written first novels for other aspiring writers? 😉

  2. Thanks so much for liking my “Local Jewels” post in my “Delightful Local Repast” blog. Loved reading through your blog as well. Best, Rose

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